Artist Booking requires a deep understanding of the cost and value-flux points in concert production as

well as the world of artist touring. POC Media has decades of experience evaluating tour histories,

correctly valuing specific tour-stops for a given artist or band, and working with touring bands and

artists to customize and economize tech riders, staging, sound, lighting, video screens, staffing, and all

production parameters surrounding the presentation of a specific band or artist in the best light at the

lowest cost.

POC Media is retained by virtually every major and independent record label group, consulting on

non-traditional promotional platforms and commercial music licensing opportunities, as well as

general artist development. POC Media can often synergize artist performances with ancillary

promotional opportunities that can assist in securing the best artists for your venue at the lowest

performance fees.

Our experience in both negotiating, and even creating entertainment agreements, provides the ability

for POC Media to lower concert production & promotion expenses. And POC Media’s relationships

with record labels, artist managers, dozens of signed bands, and both regional & national promoters,

eliminates the hidden fees & last-minute, unexpected-band-requests.

Rocking The House begins with selecting the correct act, establishing the expectations, and ensuring

that the production & rider elements are in place. POC Media employs all of the core competencies to