BROADCAST & film Music Licensing Services 

POC Media has cleared more than 20,000 songs over the past 10 years, supporting the soundtracks of most of North America’s major broadcast sporting events.


The POC Media Music Supervision & Licensing System™ provides searchable access to:

  • Gratis Music, Free of Master, Sync, PRO, & Union Fees

  • Economical Music : New Major Label Priority Releases at Reduced Fees

  • Producer-Requested Music : Hit Singles at Reduced Fees


POC Media’s Proprietary LRE™ - License Record Editor provides unparalleled access to historical licensing data with respect to rights-holders, past fees, & tendencies.

POC Media provides a unique array of creative and licensing tools including:

  • Gratis Music (Free of Master, Sync, PRO, & Union Fees)

  • Custom Music (Free of Master, Sync, PRO, & Union Fees)

  • Artist Live Performance & Featured Integration into Programming

  • The Lowest Licensing Fees Available

  • The Most Trusted, Efficient, & Effective Music Clearance House in the Industry